Datastore interfaces

Datastore provides the following interfaces:

  • User interface
  • Designer interface
  • Report interface
  • Administration interface

These interfaces are provided as Web Archives (WAR) that must be deployed on a Web server.

Web Archives contain all the static parts of the interface:

  • Java libraries
  • Flash libraries for the graphical user interfaces
  • Java classes for the exits
  • System messages and settings

User interface

The user interface runs in a Web browser. Via this interface, you manage and edit Collections and Objects.

It is fully internationalized and localized in English and French. It is however possible to localize the product in other languages.

Designer interface

The Designer interface enables you to configure the application by defining configuration objects; define Formats, Dictionaries, Functions, and global settings.

For more information, see Define the configuration.

Report interface

The Report interface integrates the BIRT report open source tool to generate reports from predefined report templates. You can create customized report templates via the BIRT designer and register them into the Repository using administration scripts. The Report interface does not provide a graphical user interface.

For more information, see Manage reports.

Administration interface

The Administration interface provides a graphical interface for the Repository. It allows you to manage:

  • The flows that have been configured, its listeners and resources.
  • The components that have been installed (Report, Designer instances) and the links between them.
  • The applications that are configured. An application defines a consistent set of configuration objects that will be used by one or several components.
  • The product license.

For more information, see Administer the project.

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