About global settings

Datastore global settings include a set of general configurable properties:

  • Tags
    List of Tags that can be used in the Object Type. A Tag helps to classify the objects in a functional way, in order to ease query configuration.
  • Folder categories
    List of categories for the Datastore Query folders. A Folder category helps to classify the folders in Datastore Client, in order to store the available queries.
  • List of Spaces
    A Space defines a container inside the Datastore that stores data for a subset of the Object Types. The storage organization inside a Space is different if the Space is editable, the data can be modified after import or not. A Space is divided into partitions. The partition criterion is time. It can be set to one day or can be defined using a Period table. Only one period table can be defined.
  • Period table
    Object Type that defines the reference Period Table.

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