Datastore 2.3.0 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

New features specific to Datastore


Axway Datastore is now available in HTML5.

Comments management:

  • Axway Datastore allows the user to comment all object types that are stored in the database.
  • The user can quickly identify rows, linked to errors or comments, because they are displayed with a specific icon.

Preferences enhancement: The user can choose and save the number of lines to display per page.


Axway Datastore includes the possibility to compute reconciliation results between two sources, directly injected in Datastore.

The configuration of the reconciliation definition is done through Designer by selecting the sources among the existing object types and their properties as reconciliation keys.

The object type, as reconciliation result object type, is automatically generated, as well as the relationships between the concerned objects.

The user is now able, on the Datastore side, to define his own reconciliation functions, based on the reconciliation objects. New functions are available to allow the user to navigate between the object types concerned with the reconciliation calculation.

Supported databases

Axway Datastore is now available for MS SQL Server database.

It is ODA (Oracle Database Appliance) optimized certified.

Database management

Axway Datastore provides regular SQL extension points to:

  • alter dynamic tables
  • alter dynamic indexes
  • customize the life cycle management datpump job (on Oracle)

Database connectivity and partition life cycle management can be checked on demand.

Partition management

The partitions management allows the user to know:

  • the dump file name linked to the unmounted partition
  • the spaces, concerned by the unmount/mount commands

Datastore and Sentinel

Sentinel notifications are generated for all purge/archive actions.

Trace management

At injection time, the identification of the input traces is available by the date, like for the input traces.

Axway Datastore provides the possibility to manage all additional data from the 2.2.1 and 2.3.0 audit traces structures.

Date management

The user is now able to define java patterns for dates from an AI format:

  • Rule Engine only supports: YYYYMMDD, CYYMMDD, YYMMDD
  • Java patterns are authorized for dates in AI formats for InterPlay and Datastore usages

Injection and extraction enhancements

The extraction allows the user to generate extracted data, based on a given object type definition, to help the FEC (Accounting Entries File) generation.

The injection command tool provides the possibility to:

  • base on a file pattern to identify the files
  • manage the injection of a complete folder content

Common features to AI Suite

Configuration Repository

The AI configuration management is enhanced :

  • To take into consideration the Financial export in the AI configuration
  • To automate its import through a REST operation

AI Suite main changes:

  • The configurationRepository is compliant with 2.3.0 audit trace header structures
  • Relationship definitions are upgraded to Datastore definitions
  • The configuration administrator should be able to manager on an easier way the configuration deployments, because the configuration version is now incremented when the formatter is changed
  • The user is able to configure the new AI Suite Studio component

The installation and configuration are easier, the topography links are automatically generated between the components, taking into consideration their types:

  • Designer is linked to all InterPlay, Datastore Runtime components
  • Datastore Client is linked to all Datastore Runtime components
  • Report Server is linked to all Datastore Client, InterPlay, Designer, Rule Engine Server, and Administration components.


Event management now offers new facilities:

  • An access through a list of interactions are available.
  • The selection of one interaction provides the list of the events concerned with that interaction
  • User preferences can be set for the list display : customizing the columns order, their size and width ...
  • Display all details of an event

Report Server security

The security of all communications between Report Server and Datastore or InterPlay is ensured through REST API.

The user can now automate the reports templates management through a REST API.


Navigation is now easier, using direct links between the objects

The user can configure the new AI Suite features:

  • AI Suite Studio sampler configuration
  • Datastore reconciliation configuration

The importDocuments and exportDocuments operations now allow Designer to handle remote data, using a URL for the files to be imported or exported:

  • importDocuments and exportDocuments: URL support for data file transfer.

The automatic configuration synchronization with the AI Enabler is now possible using new operations: transformConfiguration

The automatic configuration synchronization with configurationRepository is now possible using new operations :

  • deployConfiguration: deploys the configuration from Designer to the configurationRepository.

Event Processor news

The InterPlay import operation is now able to take into consideration a collection properties file, to be consistent with the manual action.

The test and production TimeListener and FileListener management is easier with the possibility to enable/disable a listener.

The user may be able to define a context variable to be taken into consideration in the rule executions.

The automation configuration by rest API provides now the possibility to automate the cleanup after the files are managed.

Known issues


Projects created using the Datastore/DatastoreRuntime/extra/java/readme.txt file have classpath issues: Their user libraries are not the correct ones.


After the project has been imported, replace its user library with the one named "datastore_2.3.0" (refer to "Create the Datastore user library" in the readme file).


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

A set of documents has been added to AI Suite, relating to the new product AI Suite Studio:

  • AI Suite Studio Installation Guide
  • AI Suite Studio Configuration Guide
  • AI Suite Studio User Guide

The Datastore documentation set includes the following documents:

AI Suite

Composer - AccountingIntegrator Enabler



  • Datastore Capacity Planning Guide HTML PDF
  • Datastore Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • Datastore User Guide HTML PDF
  • Datastore Security Guide HTML PDF


AI Suite Studio

  • AI Suite Studio Installation Guide HTML
  • AI Suite Studio Configuration Guide HTML
  • AI Suite StudioUser Guide HTML
  • Axway Supported Platforms
  • Axway Interoperability Matrix

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24x7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email or visit Axway Support at


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