Install Datastore on WebSphere

Datastore 2.3 can only be installed on WebSphere 8.5 version or above. Java jre 7 is a prerequisite for Datastore, and previous versions of WebSphere do not support java jre 7. For more information, refer to the IBM WebSphere documentation.

Note   It is recommended to configure all applications on Tomcat before installing them on WebSphere

Before you can use Datastore on WebSphere, you must:

  1. Configure WebSphere.
  2. Install Datastore Client web application in WebSphere
  3. Install Administration web application in WebSphere
  4. Install the Designer web application in WebSphere
  5. Install the Report Server web application in WebSphere
  6. Connect Datastore with Report Server
  7. Change the component URLs inside Repository
  8. Define the jdbc resources for Datastore Runtime
  9. Enable SSL communications
  10. Use PassPort and PassPort SSO Agent in WebSphere
  11. Set the component URL for each application
  12. For Datastore Client, install the Datastore Client Service Pack. Refer to Install Datastore Client Service Pack
Note   The WebSphere configuration screens described in this section come from WebSphere 8.5.

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