Cluster configurations

You can use the Installer configure mode to modify a cluster installation. If the product is not configurable, it is not displayed in the products tree dialog when selecting a product to configure.

You must run configure mode on all the installed cluster nodes regardless of the product cluster type so that the nodes remain synchronized.

See Configure product for starting the Installer in configure mode.


  1. Start with configuring the product on the first node. This modifies specific files in the local directory, shared directory and database.
  2. Once modifying on the first node is complete, run configure mode on the additional node installations.
  3. Configuring the additional nodes does not update the local directory or database, but in a Windows environment updates the services and desktop shortcuts.

Configure limited cluster

You have a limited cluster installation when Component.LimitedCluster = true located in Configuration/Install_<Component ShortName>_<ComponentVersion>.properties in your local installation folder.

If you installed your products in a limited cluster, your directories must be set as follows:

  • Local directory: Contains environment of the Installer
  • Shared directory: Contains static and dynamic files of the product

In limited cluster there are no Installer dialog pages and you cannot modify parameters on the additional node. The Installer retrieves parameter information from when you installed the first node. It then uses these configuration details to modify the additional node, reconfiguring only the shortcuts and services installed in the shared directory.

Configure full cluster

If you installed your products in a full cluster, your directories must be set as follows:

  • Local directory: Contains installation static files and Installer environment
  • Shared directory: Contains product dynamic files and if needed can contain configuration files shared by the nodes

The specific Installer dialog pages for the additional node configuration are available when configuring a full cluster. Configuring the additional node for a full cluster installation modifies the local directory only.

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