When you contact Axway Support with a problem, be prepared to provide the following information for more efficient service:

  • Product version and build number
  • Database type and version
  • Operating system type and version
  • Description of the sequence of actions and events that led to the problem
  • Symptoms of the problem
  • Text of any error or warning messages
  • Description of any attempts you have made to fix the problem and the results


This section covers the troubleshooting actions you can perform for errors related to the Axway Installer.

UNIX installation

On some UNIX machines, where several installations were performed by different users in the past, you can encounter the following error at the installation time:

An error has occurred while installing component Axway V4.5.0

Reason: An error has occurred while updating files: /tmp/ (Permission


Correct the error and select 'Retry' to continue the update.

[R]etry [C]ancel Update

Workaround: Selecting Retry usually solves the issue but only if the existing from \tmp was deleted. If not, set the TEMPORARY_DIR environment variable before starting the installation, to point to an empty folder.

Cluster installation on Unix/Linux

When installing on a Cluster First node, take note of the parameter value Shared Directory, as it is not filled by the Shared Directory but by the Local Directory. Make sure you update it with the correct value.

Error on starting Linux in GUI mode

An error occurs when you start the Installer in GUI mode, The Installer stops without any error message or warning.

When confronted with this issue you can start the Installer again in Console mode, -m console. If the Installer stops again an error message is displayed with a description of the error.

You can use the –d option for a detailed debug log: -d -m console.

Installer page updates when using X-windows

On Linux, when running the Installer in GUI mode using X-windows the pages are not updated properly. In some cases text fields are shown without labels making it impossible to know what to enter.

Workaround: Drag and drop the Installer page partially outside of the workstation window and then back again in order to update it.


When the Java Virtual Machine runs out of memory a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError is thrown and the installation fails. For example, this could happen when decompressing a large archive.

Workaround: Specify the memory allocated at installation time by adding the following parameters when launching the setup:

  • on Windows: setup32.exe -Xms512m -Xmx1024m Install <....>
  • on Unix: / -javaargument -Xms512m -javaargument -Xmx1024m Install <....>

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