Enable SSO with PassPort 4.6

When you install the Designer, the SSO procedure used by PassPort 4.4 and 4.5 is installed by default. If you have installed PassPort 4.6 and you want to use the SSO option, you must implement a different SSO procedure through the Administration user interface.

Restriction: This procedure only applies to the Designer and Datastore Client.


  1. Connect to the Administration user interface.
  2. On the Components tab, for each component:
  • Select the component in the Component identification section.
  • Check the CAS SSO field in the PassPort section.
  1. On the Applications tab, complete for the default Application and for each of the components:
  • SSO Server host
  • SSO Secured port
  • SSO Client Authentication port

The values required here are the ones that were set in PassPort at installation time.

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