Plan the deployment

Installing Datastore requires installing several components:

Component Description DB WAR UI PP
Datastore Client Main user interface to manage queries Yes Yes Flash Yes
Datastore Runtime Data store management Yes No No Yes
Designer Configuration definition tool. Defined as an InterPlay application with a specific configuration Yes Yes Flash Yes
Repository Database schema storing the published configuration Yes No No No
Administration User interface to manage the installed components and the user applications. The data are stored in the repository. No Yes HTML Yes
Report Server Report generation server. Designer sends requests to the report server to generate reports. Yes Yes No Yes
  • DB: Use a database
  • WAR: provides as a Web application
  • UI: technology of the Client interface when provided
  • PP: connection to PassPort

Datastore Web Applications can be installed on the provided Tomcat Webserver or on an external Web server (Tomcat or Websphere). To satisfy your infrastructure constraints or for performance reasons, the Web Applications can be installed on different Web Servers.

Datastore components use separate database schemas that can be installed on the same database or in different databases. Databases can be installed on the same machine as the Datastore Web applications or on another machine.

Datastore components connect to other Axway products as shown in the above table: Composer, PassPort.


For more information on the exact platforms that Axway supports for Datastore, refer to the Axway Supported Platforms document on Axway Sphere at

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