This section explains how to migrate an AISuite 2.1.0 installation to Datastore 2.2.1, keeping all the data, queries and all non-history entries preferences.


The AISuite version must be 2.1.0 SP8 or higher.

Make sure you perform the following actions before you migrate:

  • Back up the AISuite 2.1.0 database. The migration will update the Datastore Runtime databases to the new structure.
  • Deploy the configuration from the Designer to the Repository, and Datastore Runtime.
  • Note To make the import/export project button available in Designer 2.1, run the following commands in the Repository:
    • cleanDesigner
    • setupDesigner
    • updateComponent AISuiteDesigner
  • Sync the AISuite Repository configuration with the configuration of the Designer and Datastore Runtime:
    • Retrieve information on the version of Datastore Runtime by launching the 2.1.0 dstools command dstools version from the directory [Install_path_2.1.0]/AISuite/Datastore.
    • Note the name and version of the application that will be use during migration. For example: application: default and version: 8.
  • Export the project's configuration from Designer 2.1.0 by clicking Export project.
  • Export the queries:
    • Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.1.0]/AISuite/Repository/startConsole.
    • Launch the following command: exportQueries –f <queries_2.1.0_file> -c <component_name>.
  • Export the preferences:
    • Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.1.0]/AISuite/Repository/startConsole.
    • Launch the following command: exportPreferences <folder>


In Datastore Client, the history of queries is not kept during migration.

In Datastore Runtime, the folderInjector parameters are not supported in 2.2.1.

Perform the migration

To migrate AISuite 2.1.0 to Datastore 2.2.1:

  1. Stop all the products in AISuite 2.1.0
  2. The database must be running.
  3. Make a Datastore 2.2.1 installation to a new folder and new database schemas for all components except Datastore Runtime, choosing the same components as the 2.1.0 installation.
  4. Caution Datastore Runtime performs the 2.2 installation using Datastore Runtime 2.1.0 schemas.
    • When configuring the new components make sure that they have the same component names as the ones from 2.1.0.
    • When performing the Datastore 2.2.1 installation, select migrate from 2.1.0 option for the Datastore Runtime component, and use Datastore Runtime 2.1.0 schemas.
    • Update the links between components to the 2.2 components:
      • Start the Repository console in : [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/startConsole
      • Launch the following command: createTopographyLinks
    • Start the webserver
  5. Migrate the Designer configuration from 2.1.0 to 2.2.1:
    1. Check the Migrate configuration section in the file [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Designer/extra/Tools/ant-task.properties.
    2. If it does not exist, create the SourceSettingsPath directory: [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS /Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.1.
    3. If it does not exist, create the DestinationSettingsPath directory: [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS /Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.2.
    4. Copy the configuration exported from the Designer 2.1.0 to the SourceSettingsPath folder in [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.1.
    5. Launch the command ant migrateConfiguration from the directory [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Designer/extra/Tools.
    6. Check that the folder set in DestinationSettingsPath is populated with the migrated configuration
  6. Import the Designer 2.2.1 configuration:
    1. Modify the Import documents section in the file [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Designer/extra/Tools/ant-task.properties to set the source folder with the Designer 2.2.1 configuration: ImportDocsFolder=${BASE_PATH}extra\\work\\migration\\ImportFiles_2.2.
    2. From the directory [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Designer/extra/Tools, launch the command ant importDocuments.
  7. Deploy from Designer to the Repository only without clean.
  8. Import the queries exported from AISuite 2.1.0:
    1. Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/startConsole.
    2. Launch the following command importQueries -f <queries_2.1.0_file> –c <datastore_client_component_name>
  9. Migrate the Repository:
    • Configure the file [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/extra/migration/migration_220.xml as follows:
      • It must contain the 2.1.0 application name and version for the Datastore Runtime in order to force the same version in the new installation.
      • It must contain a preference file, a migratePreferences tag with paths to the 2.1.0 queries file, and a valid temporary output folder for the new migrated preferences.
      • Sample xml file for a default application:
      • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      • <migration>
        • <migrateApplications>
          • <application>
            • <name>default</name>
            • <version>8</version>
          • </application>
        • </migrateApplications>
        • <migratePreferences>
          • <queriesFile>D:\TEMP\migration\export_2.1.0\queries.xml</queriesFile>
          • <preferencesFile>D:\TEMP\migration\export_2.1.0\preferences.xml</preferencesFile>
          • <outputFolder>D:\TEMP\migration\preferences_2.2.1</outputFolder>
        • </migratePreferences>
      • </migration>
    • Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/startConsole and launch the following command: migrate –from 2.1.
    • It sets the specific application and version used by Datastore Runtime, migrates the preferences and automatically imports them in the new installation.
  10. Update the configuration in Designer:
    1. Update the Import Reader of the Collection Type AUDIT_COLLECTION as follows:
      1. Type: FixedFlatFile
      2. Name: AccountingIntegratorFileReader
      3. Statistic Reader: AccountingIntegratorStatReader
      4. Single Line: Yes
      5. Input/Output Event name: {
    2. Deploy the configuration from Designer to Datastore Runtime
    3. New 2.2.1 predefined objects are deployed to Datastore Runtime.
  11. Verify that the migrated queries exist and can be executed on the Datastore 2.2.1 installation, and that the migrated preferences also work as expected.
  12. Copy the Datastore Runtime settings customizations from the 2.1 datastoreConfiguration.properties file into the Administration 2.2.1 component.
  13. Note You can use the following dstools command to get all the Datastore Runtime default settings: dstools setting –-list.
  14. It is not possible to deploy a property type that is defined as inherited and audited. Set the Audit criterion to YES to deploy without error.

Life cycle management

Starting with version 2.2, the life cycle management has been improved to facilitate mount, unmount and purge operations. This impacts database user definition and introduces new requirements.

It is mandatory to align the existing database users and database folders with the 2.2 requirements.

Refer to "Manage regular maintenance tasks" in the Datastore User guide.

Note   Dump files from 2.1 tools must be managed as 2.2 dump files.

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