Flows and indexes management

This screen is only accessible by a user with the administrator role. If you don't see the Flows and indexes menu option on the left menu, ask your administrator to grant you the correct permission.

Defining index and flow



Functional "bucket" to group events together.

Custom indexes can be created by end users.

Flows & distribution rules within flows allow to segregate & distribute events to specific indexes.

Two permanent special "system" indexes exist :

  • undelivered : receives all events that were not distributed to a custom index.
  • ingestion errors : receives all errors encountered during an events ingestion.

Searching is allowed on a single or multiple indexes.


End-user configured object that represents how events are going to be prepared & grouped into indexes before they can be searched.

Flows can be configured by users with the admin role.

The header attribute of an event, the axway-target-flow, determines which flow will be used to process the event.

A flow can contain several steps including:

  • events formatting
  • distribution rules
  • transformation
  • indexing

Do I need an index and/or a flow?

A flow is necessary to send events to Search service.

To simplify first time users' life, two sample flows are readily available test-json-flow and test-plaintext-flow. These flows send all events to the undelivered index.

New custom flows can be created.

If you don't create a new index, undelivered is used by default during your flow initialization.

Add a flow

Step Action

On the left menu, click the Flows and Indexes icon. The list of existing flows is displayed. 


Click the New flow button.

This creates, initializes, and saves the flow.

3 Enter a name for your flow. The flow key text box is automatcially populated.
4 In the Format conversion dropdown, choose the format of your data. This can be Json or Plain_Text

Select the index where your incoming data will be stored, for example select undelivered.

Edit an existing flow

Just click the flow you want to modify and make your changes. 

The changes you make to a flow are only valid only for the next messages sent to Search service. The changes will not apply to messages already sent.

Create an index

The list of indexes is available from the Flows and Indexes screen.

To initialize a new one, click New index and it is created, initialized and saved. You can then use it in your existing flow or in a new flow

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