About Search service

Search service is a modern, big data-architected tool for high-velocity capture, high-volume storage, efficient indexing, and easy search and retrieval. It enables you to answer any operational question in real time and whenever you like with:

A next-generation search service designed to capture and store data at scale

  • Capture message tracking data in real time
  • Schedule batch-based imports
  • Ingest structured and unstructured data
  • Centralize technical and business events (application logs, system logs ...)
  • Implement smart indexing and payload storage

Supreme ease of control, search, and retrieval

  • Easily configure indexes
  • Quickly filter by category
  • Flexibly set time-bound searches

A growing fine-grain truth base for a more connected and complicated world

  • Record everything that happens, as it happens
  • Support traceability use cases, including historical access to events.
  • Create a readily scalable repository to handle big-data analytics
  • Learning everything you’ll ever need to know from across your customer experience network powered by AMPLIFY

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