Updates and revisions

Product updates and enhancements

For more information on the service pack contents, please refer to the most recent Central Governance 1.1.3 Readme.

Version 1.1.3 SP21

Version 1.1.3 SP20

  • Documentation enhancements regarding the public Internet port, database passwords, secure authorization, and manual file updates.

Version 1.1.3 SP19

  • The MariaDB connector replaced the MySQL connector, and an external MySQL is supported.
  • Upgraded jQuery to version 3.6.0.
  • Added copy/paste operations for privileges and roles in the PassPort Lite UI.

Version 1.1.3 SP18

  • Added support for the MS SQL Server 2017. Details
  • Updated the Access and Security Guide to include Axway Desktop Client and Access and Security UI Lite with links to more information.
  • Updated Azure Blob Storage parameters.
  • Updated the documentation to include instructions for moving Central Governance and the Access and Security to a new machine. Please refer to the Central Governance Installation Guide or Migration Guide.

Transfer CFT

  • Added the REST API authentication option in the Configuration page > Access Management section. Details

  • Added the File attributes check option in the target flow file properties. Details

  • Added SAML as an Access Management option. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP17

  • Added support for Oracle RAC 19.3 and CentOS 8.
  • Updated the java-1.8.0-openjdk version used from to
  • Support for the Sentinel referer.hosts.accepted parameter. Details
  • Improved the Sentinel certificates documentation. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP16


  • Added support for Advanced expressions for a Directory scan and File filter.
  • Added support for partner fingerprint verification. Details
  • Added support for setting the PeSIT client communication profile for acknowledgment in a flow. Details
  • Added support for SecureTransport Azure Blob Storage Connector. Source Details, Target Details

Version 1.1.3 SP15

Transfer CFT

  • Added support for reconfig type=am, which enables you to change the Access Management type from the configuration page in Central Governance, and sign on the Transfer CFT UI without restarting the Copilot server.


  • Added a Health check button for updating the SecureTransport status and version.

Version 1.1.3 SP14

Central Governance

  • Updated the internal MongoDB version to 3.6.17.
  • Removed the governance CA default option from cgcmd configure.
  • Added support for Central Governance with Oracle 19c.
  • Added support for Central Governance on Red Hat 8.
  • Added support for accessing the Access and Security UI using the Axway Desktop Client. Details
  • Added URL whitelisting using hostnames. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Improved the port (SAP) management when deploying flows.
  • Added the ability to deploy a flow that moves (archives) the source file after successfully sending a file. Details
  • Added support for retry parameters (RETRYM, RETRYN, and RETRYW) in both Client and Server communication profiles. Details
  • Updated the the RETRYM, RETRYN, and RETRYW parameter default values. Details


  • Updated the SecureTransport registration prerequisites, ports, and troubleshooting documentation. Details
  • Added support for SecureTransport 5.5.

Version 1.1.3 SP13

Transfer CFT

  • Added managed cloud prerequisites. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP12

Central Governance

  • Updated the User Guide to include REST API examples for HTTP and Generic HTTP communication profiles.
  • Updated the Installation Guide to describe Sentinel certificates once the default Governance CA can no longer be used.

Transfer CFT

  • Added the network parameter Interface out (SRCHOST). Details
  • Added SSL related fields in the Configuration > General parameters section (SSLMTASK, SSLTTASK, and SSLWTASK). Details
  • Added a folder monitoring audit REST API.
  • Adjusted the maximum values for MAXTRANS, MAXTASK, and TRANTASK for Transfer CFT 3.4 and higher.
  • Caution: As of SP12, the TLSv1 protocol and 3DES cipher suites are no longer allowed by default. Consequently, to continue using Transfer CFT 3.1.3 with Central Governance requires a modification to the cft-connector.properties file. Update the configuration file as follows: webserver.protocols.included=TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2.


  • Support multiple addresses in a Partner's Client address field.
  • Added UI support for the Generic HTTP protocol in flows with SecureTransport.

Version 1.1.3 SP11

Central Governance

  • Synchronize the Identity Store LDAP data with the access management cache. Details
  • Updated the MongoDB version support. Details
  • Added a procedure for replacing Central Governance and Sentinel custom certificates. Details and Details
  • Documented requirements for custom Governance and Business CAs. Details
  • Updated REST API support to Swagger 3.0. Details
  • Newly uploaded PGP keys are stored in database. Details
  • Support for optional key password when adding a new private key in an SFTP communication profile. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Folder monitoring REST API. Details
  • Enhanced the configuration synchronization feature. Details
  • Added support for catalog purge time. Details
  • Stream text for additional platforms (IBM i). Details
  • Added custom encoding and transcoding to the stream text transfer mode. Details


  • Whitelist using the IP address for login. Details
  • PeSIT preconnection identification. Details
  • Generic HTTP server support using REST API. Details
  • Support legacy secure socket mode. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP10

Central Governance

  • Enhanced the procedure to update the public key in a private SSH or PGP key-pair. Details
  • Added support for SSH key types.
  • Added examples for creating certificates and keys using REST API. Details
  • Support for accessing Central Governance from a specific external host. See the Security Guide for details.

Transfer CFT

  • Support for file transfers using the SFTP protocol. Details
  • REST APIs for SFTP protocols, communication profiles, and SSH. Details


Version 1.1.3 SP9

  • Reverted the Java version used in Central Governance from java-1.8.0-openjdk to Oracle JRE
  • Added support for optional key password when adding a new private key in an SFTP communication profile.

Version 1.1.3 SP8

Central Governance

  • Added support for Transfer CFT 3.4 and higher upgrade packs. Details
  • A password is now optional when importing private key for an SFTP communication profile.
  • Added a procedure to replace expiring certificates. Details
  • Upgraded the internal MongoDB to version 3.2.9.
  • Updated to using the java-1.8.0-openjdk version instead of Oracle JRE
  • Added a REST API to deploy a Transfer CFT configuration. Details
  • You can use a REST API to upload a custom Governance CA. Details
  • Activate the Governance CA certificate without launching the configuration server. Details
  • Added a REST API to manage the public key for a product SSH key.

Transfer CFT

  • Added Transfer properties fields for Transfer CFT. Details
  • Updated the Transfer CFT CNXIN, CNXOUT, and CNXINOUT parameter default values. Details
  • Added a Deployment monitoring page for Governance CA. Details
  • Added a REST API to manage protocols in Transfer CFT. Details
  • Deploy a new governance CA and execute certificate renewal from Central Governance.
  • Manage network parameters (NTYPE, NRECFM, NLRECL) in flows.
  • Manage exit definition in flows.
  • Added a REST API to deploy a Transfer CFT configuration.
  • Manage sending/receiving applications.
  • Use EXECSUBPRE in flows and legacy flows.
  • Sentinel Dashboard:
    • Use of the START command to force a retry for a transfer in the YR state.
    • Use of the DELETE command on a transfer in the YR state, which is executed on both client and server.

Version 1.1.3 SP7

Central Governance

  • Added a REST API Details that synchronizes Transfer CFT with the latest configuration deployed on the device. Details
  • Added administrative REST API operations related to users, identity stores, and organizations. Details
  • Added filters to GET and DELETE resources using REST API. Details
  • Updated the Sentinel Correlation rules for an external Sentinel. Details
  • Audit for initiating an action. Details
  • Added page describing product and Third party software support. Details
  • Added Encryption key usage section. Details
  • Updated the documentation to list REST API functionalities that are supported exclusively using REST API. Details
  • Added support for communication profile custom attribute definitions using REST API. Details


  • Added Access level fields including Business units for SecureTransport send and receive properties. Details
  • Added a REST API that can manage SecureTransport Advanced SSL Settings for a communication profile. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Manage the internal access management compatibility with a SAF interface for RACF on z/OS platforms. Details
  • Modified the PKI database retrieval step at registration (does not occur if not required).
  • You can now customize TLS and cipher suites for the Transfer CFT connector. Details
  • Added support for synchronizing Transfer CFT with the latest configuration deployed from Central Governance using REST API. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP6

Central Governance

  • Support for updating certificates and SSH keys via REST APIs. Details
  • Added PGP key management via REST APIs. Details
  • Added support for filtering product communication profiles by tags or a description using REST APIs. Details
  • Added support for registering SecureTransport via REST APIs. Details
  • Updated the documentation on how to install an external MongoDB for Central Governance. Details
  • Added alternative IP address option for partner server communication profiles via REST API. Details


  • Added support for SecureTransport backups Details, including REST API. Details
  • Added support for SecureTransport SMB connector. Details (Source) Details (Target)

Transfer CFT

  • Support SAF-based PKI (RACF) in Transfer CFT z/OS configurations used in A2A flows exclusively between Transfer CFTs. Details
  • Support network connection parameters between Transfer CFTs or Transfer CFT with other products. Details
  • Support for retrieving Transfer CFT protocols via REST API. Details
  • Added proxy support for Central Governance to Transfer CFT communication. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP5

Central Governance

  • You can now use REST APIs to promote flows. Details
  • Support for basic authentication using REST APIs. Details
  • You can now use REST APIs to delete partner or product certificates or SSH keys. Details
  • Support for use of an external MongoDB. Details
  • You can replace the contents of a certificate or key using REST APIs. Details and Details
  • Support for Oracle 12.2. See the Installation Guide for details.


  • Support SecureTransport use of expressions in relays to preserve PeSIT PI values from source to target. Send Details, Receive Details
  • Support Post-Transmission settings to deploy to the transfer site. Details
  • Added support for scheduling specific times for file retrieval. Details
  • You can change the admind after it has expired. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Added support system event notifications for Transfer CFT 3.2.4 on Windows. Details
  • Objects that you create, deploy, or update in Central Governance now have ORIGIN field set to DESIGNER. Details in the Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide
  • Added policy for group-of-files transfers that end in error. Details
  • Extended the CFTNET SRCPORTS parameter's port range to 0-65535 to allow VIPA configuration in z/OS environments (MVS). Details
  • You can now have the Transfer CFT's Group automatically set with the uconf cft.instance_group parameter value upon registration. Details
  • Added support to automatically create a default application for a Transfer CFT upon registration. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP4

Central Governance

  • You are now alerted if a certificate that Central Governance uses internally is about to expire (or has expired). Details
  • Added LDAP SSL as an Encryption mode option in the Access > Identity stores definition. Details
  • You can now define a privilege based on a flow tag, which you can use to control user permissions on flows. Details
  • Added support for partner and flow custom attribute definitions via REST APIs. Details
  • Added the AMPLIFY menu for the Central Governance user interface. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Added support for Transfer CFT connecting to Amazon S3 file systems. Details
  • The Transfer CFT Details page now provides access to the browser-based Transfer CFT user interface (versions 3.3.2 and higher). Details
  • View and compare a Transfer CFT's Legacy objects. Details


  • You can now deploy flows on any SecureTransport cluster node, directly or via a load balancer, after a SecureTransport node registered with Central Governance. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP3

Central Governance

  • Improved flow deployment notifications when there are conflicts between deployed flows or legacy flows. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Added support for Transfer CFT flows that have the same PeSIT flow identifier. Details
  • Manage multiple Transfer CFT PeSIT protocols in the product configuration and policy pages. Details, additionally see the registration information in Details.
  • Manage multiple PeSIT logins, transfer address interfaces, certificates, and security profiles for flows:
    • Added client and server communication profiles in the static configuration with a PeSIT login/password, certificate, and security profile definition. Also manageable via REST API. Details
    • Added Transfer CFT communication profiles option in flows. Details
  • Added support for more than 10 trusted certificate authorities for a Transfer CFT security profile. Details
  • You can now register Transfer CFTs that have legacy protocols. Details


  • Added post-routing functionality to execute external scripts. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP2

Support custom attribute definitions for applications

  • Added support for the use of custom attribute definitions, allowing you to create and manage new attribute fields for applications with Transfer CFT. Details


  • Added a custom attributes definition resource to create, update, and delete a new field for applications. Details
  • Enhancements to the API flow usage. Details
  • Enhancements to the API SSH key usage. Details

Transfer CFT

  • Added support for the XLATE parameter in flow definitions. You can now select a translation table other than the default in the source and target definitions. Source details / Target details
  • Added support for the additional attributes, group and comment, in the partner template. Details
  • Manage logical or physical identifiers for basic flows (without relays) for InterPel to Transfer CFT migration. Details

Version 1.1.3 SP1

Store Central Governance system data files in two locations

  • You can define a second file location for dynamic data storage in Central Governance. Details

Updated Java

  • Central Governance now embeds Java version 8u121.

API SSH key management

  • You can now use APIs to manage SSH keys for partners and products. Details

API certificate management

  • You can now use APIs to manage certificates for partners, products and unmanaged products. Details

Reuse the IDF on multiple flows with SecureTransport

  • You can now use the same IDF for multiple SecureTransport flows. Details

Sentinel commands for Transfer CFT

  • Added new Sentinel commands for Transfer CFT in the Visibility and Web dashboards: Delete a transfer, Acknowledge a transfer, Negative acknowledgment for a transfer, and End a transfer. Details

Transfer CFT folder monitoring enhancement

  • Central Governance now supports additional Transfer CFT folder monitoring configurations to increase the number of managed folders. Details

Transfer CFT support for Regular expressions

  • Added support for regular expressions (REGEX) for file selection (fname) in Transfer CFT flows. Details

Transfer CFT update for task settings

  • Added parameters to control the maximum number of tasks in the static Transfer CFT configuration and for policy configurations. Details

Version 1.1.3

Applied the new Axway UI style to the Central Governance user interface

  • Visual identity
  • Application layout
  • Content layout
  • Component style

Application to any (A2A and A2B) REST APIs

  • Manage communication profiles in products (POST, PUT, DELETE REST APIs).
  • Added support for partners as source or target in flows in REST APIs (POST, PUT, GET, DELETE).
  • Added support for SecureTransport flows in REST APIs (POST, GET, PUT).
  • Improved user experience by documenting Central Governance APIs parameters for flows with SecureTransport and Transfer CFT.

Transfer CFT flows

  • Added Autodetect value for file encoding for a receiver Transfer CFT.
  • Added Undefined as a record type.
  • Post-transfer file renaming retries for files with the same name.

Transfer CFT configuration

  • Enable the user for script execution option for z/OS platforms.

Improved Visibility scalability

  • Externalized Visibility component from Central Governance.

Minor enhancements

  • Removed PassPort Legacy server ports (7101, 7000).

Discontinued support

  • Central Governance no longer supports an internal embedded MySQL database.

For a list of known issues or limitations, refer to the Central Governance Release Notes.


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