Transfer CFT configuration for record format


CG Flow 


CG value -> CFTSEND/CFTRECV field value CG default value Comment
Record type frecfm




Fixed > F

Variable > V
Autodetect > “ " on CFTSEND and

empty (not set) on CFTRECV

Undefined > U (only on z/OS)

For multiple types of OS in the source/target, the value Undefined is mapped as follows:

  • On CFTSEND: “ “ for Windows/Linux/OS400{IBM i] and U for z/OS.
  • On CFTRECV: empty for Windows/Linux/OS400 [IBM i] and U for z/OS.
Note Commented out indicates ignored.

Padding /Trimming character

fpad unpaddingChar 16 characters <empty>

If character typed in padding/trimming character is not visible, the character name must be displayed. (If space character is typed as trimming character, label SPACE is displayed.)

To use a special character as a trimming or padding character, set the hexadecimal value as follows:

  • x’08FD’ (base UTF-16) up to 8 characters if the charset is 32 bits (like UTF-32LE)
  • x’084FD1AE4’ (base UTF-32) up to 16 characters
Maximum record length flrecl


If the option is checked then the value 0 must be set in Transfer CFT.
Otherwise, the next input text is enabled and the user can enter a value between 0...32767
option checked, flrecl=0

When set to Default OS value (default), then at deployment the value set in CFTSEND is 0 and Transfer CFT interprets it as:

  • Transfer CFT on Windows: 512
  • Transfer CFT on Unix:
    • 512 for text files (FTYPE=T, O or X)
    • 4096 for binary files (FTYPE=B)
Network record type nrecfm nrecfm


Fixed > F

Variable > V
Autodetect > “ "

Undefined > U (only on z/OS)

File record format defined in protocol terms.

  • Fixed
  • Variable
  • Undefined
  • Autodetect (default)
File attributes check fcheck fileCheck, YES, NO CFTRECV NO Enables you to reject an incoming transfer if local file attributes do not match the virtual file attributes.
  • NO (default value): Transfer CFT behavior is unchanged, and no check is performed. If the virtual file record length and format do not match the FLRECL and FRECFM attributes, the record is truncated or padded.
  • YES: A record check is performed. FLRECL and FRECFM attributes are compared with the virtual file record length and format. If attributes do not match the transfer is rejected.


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