Promoting flows

This section provides guidelines and examples on how to create and promote flows in Central Governance.

After creating participants and flows in a test environment, you may want to transfer these from one test environment to another test environment to verify the flows. This is referred to as staging. Promotion, then, refers transferring your content from a test environment to a production environment.

Typically, and in our examples, you can create and manage data in a staging environment and then promote to the production server once the flows and associated sub-components are complete.

You can promote a flow using either REST APIs or CLI commands.

Using REST APIs to promote

You can promote one or more flows from the source to target environments using Rest API by executing a GET on the source environment, followed by a POST or PUT in the target environment. Before starting, you may want to review the Using REST API page.

Using CLI command to promote

You can use the CLI import and export commands to prepare flows in staging and promote to production. Before starting, you may want to review the following commands in the Command line interface page:

  • appExport
  • appImport
  • partnerExport
  • partnerImport
  • flowExport
  • flowImport
  • flowDeploy


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