Target processing scripts

The target processing scripts section of the flow definition identify the files to execute at specific phases in the flow lifecycle. See Flow lifecycle for detailed information.

For each phase, you can select whether to execute the default script or a custom script. Default scripts are defined in the configuration of the Transfer CFT involved in the flow. For example, ProdCat1 running on CFT100 is defined as the target in the flow. The default post-processing script defined in the CFT100 configuration is exec/ (the actual default value is exec/& If that is the script you want executed in the flow, you select the Default option.

To execute a different script, you must select the Custom option. Default scripts are defined in the Transfer processing section of the Transfer CFT configuration. See Transfer processing.

Processing scripts are executed on the target during the following phases:

  • Post-processing – Executed after the file was received
  • Acknowledgment – Executed after the file is transferred
  • Error – Executed if an error occurs when a file is received
  • Exit task - Executed according to script definition

For setting a custom processing script, you can:

  • Set an existing script already on the target Transfer CFT.
  • or
  • Upload a new script. The new script is available on the Transfer CFT after the flow is deployed successfully on the Transfer CFT. The new script is uploaded to Transfer CFT with the default path $(cft.runtime_dir)/conf/ws_upload. If the file already exists on Transfer CFT, it is overwritten.

Configure specific parameters for each target

Specifies whether to enable configuring different transfer properties values for each target product.

This field displays when you select multiple targets.

If you select Yes, a table listing all the target products is displayed. Click Edit to customize parameters for a target.


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