Alternative IP addresses

This section describes how to define additional IP addresses in case the primary host:port pair for the partner server communication profile fails on flows between SecureTransport and a partner. This option is available for FTP, HTTP, SFTP and PESIT partner server communication profiles only (not client communication profiles).

Using the Central Governance REST API for partners, you can define or update a partner server communication profile with an unlimited number of additional host:port entries (called alternative addresses). Add the alternativeAddresses option to the partner request as demonstrated below. If you enter multiple alternative addresses, the position in the list defines the order in which the host:port pairs are tried.

POST /api/v2/partners


     "name" : "partner_ftp",

     "communicationProfiles" :  [


        "name": "ftp1",

        "type": "SERVER",

        "protocol": "FTP",

        "enabled": true,

        "enableSSL": false,

        "fipsEnabled": false,

        "securityModes": [



        "connectionModes": [



        "hosts": [



        "port": 2,

        "clientAuthenticationRequired": "Yes",

        "portRange": {

          "from": 1024,

          "to": 65535











Note To use an HTTP URL instead of host:pair in the alternativeAddresses section, enter the URL as the host value; the port setting is ignored.


  • You cannot use the Central Governance UI to manage alternative host:port entries for a partner Server communication profile.
  • You cannot use Central Governance to configure the retry policy; this is handled by SecureTransport.


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