How to query the Visibility database

This section describes how to query the Visibility database and then create reports in the Web Dashboard.

Run the following command to identify the tables in the Visibility database:

select * from trackingObject;

Central Governance creates a View all flows report and other pre-configured Dashboards starting with the xfbTransfer tables.


Results from the select * from trackingObject; command:

You can use the XFBTransfer trackingobject number to identify the tables that contain information about transfers as follows:

  • Current_664943629: Contains data from the latest transfers recorded in the Visibility service.
  • Historic_664943629 - contains data about all previous transfers

The Visibility database tracks objects in Central Governance with these views containing:

  • xcgproduct_c: Data about the currently registered products, as well as products that were removed from Central Governance
  • xcgflow_c: Data about the existing flows, as well as flows that were removed from Central Governance

For more information about creating SQL queries and reports, please refer to the Sentinel 4.2.0 Web Dashboard User Guide.


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