File storage

This section describes the cloud file storage options available for Transfer CFT flows in Central Governance. This section and the fields described here display only if the Transfer CFT is a version and OS that supports cloud storage options.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a web service cloud storage that you can use to store and retrieve files. For more information on Amazon S3, visit

System support

Supported on the following systems:

  • Linux x86-64: Transfer CFT3.3.2 and higher
  • Windows: Transfer CFT 3.4 and higher

Configure Amazon S3

In the Transfer CFT Configuration page, select File storage > Amazon S3 to view, add, or remove a storage account, or click an existing storage account to edit. Each account requires the following three parameter definitions:

Parameter Type Description
Name string {32 char max}

The Transfer CFT identifier for the storage account, where forbidden characters are "."(period) or " "space.

Access key id string {20 char max} Corresponds to the access_key_id required to connect to Amazon S3 and is comprised of only alphanumerical values (A-Za-z0-9).
Secret access key string {40 char max}

Enter the base64 value (hash code) matching the password required to login to Amazon S3.

Define storage account in a flow  

For a given source or target, select File properties and complete the following fields:

  • Working directory
  • File name sent  
  • Storage account (identifier as defined in the configuration)

The working directory should use the following format s3://<bucket>.<region>, where the path must:

  • Start with s3://
  • Be followed by the bucket name
  • Followed  by the region (separated by a period)

You can refer to the Amazon Simple Storage documentation for more information on buckets and regions.

Impact on flows

  • If your Transfer CFT supports Amazon S3, you can configure flows to use this service in the Central Governance UI > Flow page. See Source: File storage or Target: File storage for details.
  • When you deploy a flow that you have configured for Amazon S3 usage, the STORAGEACCOUNT parameter is inserted in the CFTSEND/CFTRECV command.

Impact on the configuration

The following actions occur in the Transfer CFT configuration when implementing Amazon S3:

  • The Amazon S3 credentials (IDs) are added to the configuration: listaws.credentials = "<storage_account1>,<storage_account2>"
  • For each storage account, the following UCONF parameters are stored:
    • aws.credentials.<storage_account>.access_key_id
    • aws.credentials.<storage_account>.secret_access_key
  • The UCONF ssl.certificates.ca_cert_bundle is added in the UCONF dictionary.


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