Central Governance 1.1.3 User Guide

AMPLIFY TM Central Governance is the management platform for AMPLIFY Transfer CFT and AMPLIFY SecureTransport. It provides:

  • A global data flow repository with end-to-end data flow definitions, from business applications and partners to the infrastructure level.
  • Centralized supervision of data flows, consistent with definitions in the repository.
  • Alert management to track problems linked to products or data flow processing, including a subscription mechanism for alert notifications.
  • Standard web dashboards for a global view of data flow activity. You also can create custom dashboards.
  • Automatic discovery of products to be managed.
  • Centralized management of product configuration and associated deployment, including mass processing capabilities for highly distributed environments, which include groups and configuration policies.
  • Centralized day-to-day operations management such as starting and stopping products and viewing their logs.
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