Application groups

You can organize multiple applications that have a common purpose into application groups. For example, group all stores in a region so all can be members of the same flow.

Groups do not have to be predefined. You can assign an application to one or more groups when you add or edit the application. If those groups do not exist, they are created.

Alternatively, you can make group assignments and add groups from the Application List page. You also can create groups directly from the page

Flow management

Grouping applications eases the task of flow definition and management. For example, if your organization needs to exchange files between corporate headquarters and stores located in a geographic region, you can create a single group that contains the applications running at those stores. When you define the flow for the exchange, the flow target is the entire group. If a new store opens, you can add it to the group, and the store is automatically included in the flow and receives the exchanges that all other stores in the group receive.

If you remove an application from a group that is used as a source or target in a flow, the application or the system no longer sends or receives the exchanges.

Central Governance supports using, as sources and targets, application groups containing applications linked only to Transfer CFTs and not to any other registered products.

Assign applications and add group at same time

  1. Click the Applications tab to open the Application List page.
  2. Select one or more applications to assign to a group and click Grouping.
  3. Select the group and click Apply.
  4. If the group does not exist, click Add group.
  5. Enter a name, select the check box if it is not already selected, and click Apply.

Add group and add applications to it

  1. Click the Applications tab to open the Application List page.
  2. Click Grouping.
  3. Click Add group.
  4. Enter a name and click Apply.
  5. You can now select applications from the list to add to this group.

Automatically set the application group

You can use this method to assign a group to a Transfer CFT prior to registration. This can help reduce post-registration administrative tasks.

  1. In the Transfer CFT configuration, set the UCONF cft.instance parameter to the desired Group value.
  2. Register the Transfer CFT; upon a successful registration the Transfer CFT is automatically added to the Group.

Remove application from group

  1. Click the Applications tab to open the Application List page.
  2. Select one or more applications.
  3. Click Grouping.
  4. Deselect the check box next to the group name.
  5. Click Apply.
Note A warning message displays if a change has an impact on flows. If you confirm the change, the affected flows are recalculated to reflect the new status.


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