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The following topics describe how to add, view, edit and remove applications in Central Governance.

Adding an applicationClosedThe logical definition of a business application that is the real endpoint of a file exchange. in the user interface makes it known to Central Governance. Adding applications is a prerequisite to defining flows involving them and being able to exchange files.

An application can be associated with multiple registered products; the products can be on the same or different hosts. One or more products in the application can be assigned for use within a single flow. And you can have another flow that uses the same application as the source or target, but that specifies different products in the application. See Defining flows for more information.

Multiple products and multiple types of products on the same or different hosts are allowed within the same application because all have similar folder-monitoring behavior. All of these products can consume files from a directory and produce files to a directory.

Add an application

  1. Click Applications on the top toolbar to open the Application List page.
  2. Click Add application.
  3. Do the following:
    1. Enter a name for the application. Typically, use a unique name, but you can reuse a name provided the associated product is on a different computer. Central Governance checks whether an application name is valid by name-host pairs.
    2. Specify the computer that hosts the application. You can provide a computer name or an IP address. You can find the hosts of registered products by clicking Products on the top toolbar and checking the Product List page.
    3. When you enter a host value, Central Governance detects all registered products on the computer and lists their names in the Products field. For example, if instances of Transfer CFT and SecureTransport are on the computer and are registered in Central Governance, the names of all three are added to the Products field.
    4. If necessary, edit the Products field. For example, although two registered products might be on the same host, you want only one of the products to be associated with the application. Also, you might want to add the name of a registered product that is on a different host than the one specified in the Host field.
  4. In the optional Details field:
    1. Enter a group name if you want the application to be a member of a group. To associate an application to multiple groups, use a comma to separate group names.
    2. Enter any tags to help you identify or categorize the application.
  5. In the optional Contact field, enter information about the primary business contact for the application.
  6. In the Custom attributes field, enter values for the custom attributes that to use in flows.
  7. Click Save application to add it and return to the Application List page. The products and product types associated with the new application are listed in the Products and Product Types columns.

Automatically assign an application

You can automatically assign an application to a Transfer CFT prior to registration. This can help reduce post-registration administrative tasks. See Automatically assign an application .

View or edit an application

The details page for an application enables you to review more information than is displayed on the Application List page.

Click Applications on the top toolbar and then click the name of an application to open its details page.

On the details page, you can:

  • Click Edit to edit any fields, such as:
    • The host associated with the application
    • Contact information
  • Click Remove on the right side of the page to remove it.
Note A warning message displays if a change has an impact on flows. If you confirm the change, the affected flows are recalculated to reflect the new status.

Remove an application

You can remove an application from Central Governance by:

  • Selecting the application on the Application List page and clicking Remove.
  • Clicking Remove when viewing the application details page.

If the application is used in flows, a confirmation message is displayed. If you confirm the removal, the application is removed from the flows and the status of the flows is recalculated. You must redeploy the flows manually.


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