Application custom attributes

This section describes how you can use custom attributes to associate additional information with applications.

You can create and manage your custom attribute definitions using a dedicated API resource (as shown below), or the Central Governance UI. The custom attribute definition fields are managed at the Central Governance level.

Create a custom attribute definition for an APPLICATION

This example sets the name of the new field to custom_attr1, the entity type to APPLICATION, and that the length of the value entered in this field cannot exceed 100 characters.

POST /api/v2/customattibutedefinitions


  "name": "custom_attr1",

  "description": "My custom attribute",

  "scope": "APPLICATION",

  "tags": [



  "maxLength": 100


More information

  • The information in Use custom attributes demonstrates how to create, retrieve, and delete custom attributes.
  • For information on the completing the Application > custom attribute field in the UI, see Manage applications.


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