Central Governance 1.1.3 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

Applied the new Axway UI style to the Central Governance user interface

  • Visual identity
  • Application layout
  • Content layout
  • Component style

Application to any (A2A and A2B) REST APIs

  • Added ability to manage communication profiles in products (POST, PUT, DELETE REST APIs).
  • Added support for partners as source or target in flows in REST APIs (POST, PUT, GET, DELETE).
  • Added support for SecureTransport flows in REST APIs (POST, GET, PUT).
  • Improved user experience by documenting Central Governance API parameters for flows with SecureTransport and Transfer CFT.

Transfer CFT flows

  • Added an Autodetect value for file encoding for a receiver Transfer CFT.
  • Added Undefined as a record type.
  • Added post-transfer file renaming retries for files with the same name.

Transfer CFT configuration

  • Enable the user for script execution option for z/OS platforms.

Improved Visibility scalability

  • Externalized the Visibility component from Central Governance.

Minor enhancements

Removed the legacy PassPort server ports (7101, 7000).

Fixed problems

The following defects were corrected for this version.

Internal Case no. Description
CG-665 881711 Issue importing an application from a json file.
CG-641 880066 Central Governance crashed after a database switchover.


877172 Security issue found that could lead to using a weak SSL cipher.



Corrected TLS/SSL server support for RC4 cipher algorithms (CVE-2013-2566) on service port 8081.



Added the use of static key ciphers on the service port 8081.

CG-586 876669 Security cookie was not sent over SSL.


876668 An insecure transport issue could have allowed the use of weak SSL Protocol (TLS 1.0).


870401 Generic tick box did not select all Products (paging issue).


00878113 Policy could not be saved; there was an error applying a custom policy.



Multiple applications pointed to the Transfer CFT, exceeding 48 characters.

You can now use multiple applications in one flow that point to the same Transfer CFT. The length of the list of application names is limited to 100 characters.



Documentation update: the DIRECT symbolic variable no longer exists.


00859874 Could not modify policy created in a previous version.


  Could not modify remove product without edit application rights.



Policy could not modify the Transfer status frequency parameter when it was locked.



Added the User for script execution option for z/OS platforms, available from the Transfer CFT configuration page and the Policy page.

Known issues

The following are known issues in this version.

Transfer CFT

Copilot connection to the Central Governance access type

Cannot log on Transfer CFT 3.1.3 Copilot with Central Governance 1.1.3. The support article ID 179005 provides a fix.


Flow limitations when using SecureTransport

The following are limitations and workarounds when using SecureTransport in flows.

Receiver pulls files from SecureTransport over PeSIT

If files are available to pull but the flow manager changes the Partner’s PeSIT login in the flow and re-deploys it, then the partner can no longer download the available files. This is because the files are in /<PeSIT identifier>/OLD_PESIT_LOGIN and remain there indefinitely unless removed manually. The same situation can occur if the PeSIT identifier is changed in the flow.

SecureTransport receives files over PeSIT and receiver pulls files from SecureTransport over PeSIT

If the same PeSIT identifier and SecureTransport PeSIT login is configured in the flow both before and after the SecureTransport relay the result is only one transfer profile representing the PeSIT flow (name= <PeSIT identifier>). This is because receive properties for file encoding and record format configured in the first part of the flow are overwritten at deployment by properties setting the receiver as pulling files from SecureTransport.

SecureTransport upgrade

When upgrading SecureTransport 5.3.1 to 5.3.3 from outside of Central Governance, and the SecureTransport is registered with Central Governance, you should run a script prior to starting the upgrade. For script details, refer to the Central Governance User’s Guide Guide > SecureTransport registration > Detect updated version.

Replace an unmanaged product with a managed SecureTransport in SSL flows

Rather than have a flow with an unmanaged product sending files to Transfer CFT via SSL, replace the unmanaged product with a registered SecureTransport. When changing the flow, you must provide a private certificate for SecureTransport to authenticate to Transfer CFT. You cannot use the same certificate used for the unmanaged product being replaced. You must upload a certificate chain containing a new SSL certificate in the client communication profile.


SecureTransport resubmit

The resubmit command is supported starting as of SecureTransport 5.3.3. In Flow reports the resubmit command is available for SecureTransport 5.3.1, however the command fails on execution.

Flows with file processing execution failure are reported as successful in Visibility

When a flow execution fails at a post-processing step on a relay or target, the flow is seen as successful in Visibility because from the source standpoint the flow is seen as “Completed”. The State order defines that “Completed” state is after “Post-processing” state.

Discontinued support

Central Governance no longer supports an internal embedded MySQL database. For a list of the external database types that you should move to, please refer to the Central Governance 1.1.3 Installation Guide > Prerequisites. For a list of supported databases, refer to the Axway Products Supported Platforms > Supported Databases.

Central Governance has documentation covering all aspects of the product. This includes:

  • Central Governance Installation Guide
  • Central Governance User's Guide
  • Central Governance Security Guide
  • Capacity Planning Guide, which focuses on managing Transfer CFTs with Central Governance

Documentation is available on the Help Center tab in the Central Governance user interface.

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email support@axway.com or visit support.axway.com/.


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