Pluggable splitter

You can implement your own EDI splitter to use in place of one or all three of the built-in splitters for X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS documents.

The splitters.xml file in <install directory>/conf controls the splitters used by the trading engine. When a document requires splitting, its MIME type is used to find a list of possible splitters in this file. The first splitter in the list that can be successfully constructed is used.

By default, splitters.xml is set up to use the X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS splitters that are provided with the trading engine. You must add your custom splitter to the file, either by replacing an internal splitter or by listing your splitter before the internal splitter.

Every splitter configured in splitters.xml must implement the following interface: com.cyclonecommerce.api.splitter.Splitter.

Providing parameters for a splitter is optional. Supported parameters are implementation specific. See the com.cyclonecommerce.api.splitter package in the Javadoc for details.

If the splitters.xml file exists and can be successfully parsed, the trading engineB2Bi supports only the splitters configured in the file. If the file does not exist or cannot be successfully parsed, the trading engineB2Bi only supports its own default X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS splitters.

After starting, the trading engineB2Bi only reads splitters.xml once. If the file is changed, restart the server for the changes to become effective.

Copy the JAR file for your custom splitter to <install directory>/site/jars.

Activate a custom pluggable splitter

Once a custom splitter is implemented, activate it the same way as an internal splitter. In the user interface, follow these steps:

  1. On a community summary page, click either the icon for Application pickup or Application delivery.
  2. Click a pickup or delivery exchange name to open its maintenance page.
  3. On the EDI Splitter tab for that pickup or delivery exchange method, select the checkbox for "enable the EDI splitter."
  4. Click the Save changes button.

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