This guide describes the components and tasks associated with customizing the B2Bi trading engine.

Before implementing the tasks described in this manual, make sure that B2Bi is installed as described in the B2Bi Installation Guide.

This guide is intended for developers who create customizations for the B2Bi trading engine.

About B2Bi

B2Bi provides organizations with a set of services for exchanging electronic business documents between applications and trading partners. B2Bi enables you to organize and automate the flow of electronic documents between participants located both inside and outside your enterprise network.

About the B2Bi trading engine

The B2Bi trading engine provides a fault-tolerant and scalable trading platform to securely process business transactions. The trading engine is adaptable to various infrastructure environments and application integration requirements. The flexible architecture supports new functions in a plug-and-play manner.

Extensibility is accomplished by abstracting key processing logic into well-defined interfaces and adopting industry-standard methodologies for platform, language, connectivity and security. New connectivity mechanisms, document types and business logic can be integrated into the B2Bi trading engine without changing the base code. Developers can extend the capabilities of the trading engine by exploiting application program interfaces and other advanced functionality.

For assistance with customizing the B2Bi trading engine, contact Axway Professional Services.

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