Application pickup API support

Use the following table as areference for the application pickups that provide REST API support in B2Bi:

Message Protocol/Transport Exchange Point type API bean
  Use an external FTP server not managed by this application FtpConsumerExchangePointBean
  Create a new embedded FTP server FtpServerExchangePointBean
  Use an existing embedded FTP server FtpServerExchangePointBean
  Use an external SFTP server not managed by this application SftpConsumerExchangePointBean
  Create a new embedded SFTP server SftpServerExchangePointBean
  Use an existing embedded SFTP server SftpServerExchangePointBean
File system   FileSystemConsumerExchangePointBean
  Listener JmsListeningExchangePointBean
  Polled JmsPollingExchangePointBean
MLLP   MllpServerExchangePointBean
IBM MQSeries   MqConsumerExchangePointBean
  Define a new PeSIT polling client PesitConsumerExchangePointBean
  Define a new embedded PeSIT server PesitServerExchangePointBean
Pluggable pickups   PluggableConsumerExchangePointBean
Application Transports
  Application ALE AleB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application EMAIL EmailB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application FTP FtpB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application File System FileSystemB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application HTTP HttpB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application HTTP Response HttpResponseB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application HTTP Server HttpServerB2biConsumerExchangePointBean
  Application MIME EMAIL MimeEmailB2biConsumerExchangePointBean

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