Upgrade Interchange between two hosts

Normally, an Interchange upgrade is between two product versions on a single computer. There are two possible ways to handle upgrades if the upgrade target destination is on a different host computer.

Method 1 – Recreate the base installation on the new server

To upgrade and move to a new host computer, you must first duplicate the existing installation onto the new host. To do this:

  1. Shut down the old installation.
  2. Back up the common folder and the database before pointing the database or common folder to a new installation.
  3. Back up all Interchange custom components and other customizations.
  4. Run a new install of Interchange using the exact same directory path and common path for the installation.
  5. During the install procedure, point the installer to the Interchange database, or optionally point the installer to a new database.
  6. Start up the new installation.
  7. Once the Interchange installation on the new host is started, open the user interface, delete the old trading engine nodes and create a new one.
  8. Note: If you are only licensed for one trading engine node, you must delete the database node. See the knowledge base article https://support.axway.com/kb/67162/language/en .
  9. Test message exchanges on the fresh install.

Method 2 – Upgrade the community only

The following cross-machine approach is also an alternative way to move to a new release, instead of upgrading. This approach enables you to upgrade to an Interchange installation on a new host and to a new database, set up the new environment as a test-environment, then, once testing is complete, you can make this the new production system. This effectively reduces downtime and risk of failure.

  1. Using the backup tools, export the community profile.
  2. Install Interchange.
  3. Create a new database schema.
  4. Import the community profile to the new installation and clean database.

Issues and limitations for community profile exports:

  • The export of community profiles is only available from Interchange 5.7. Additionally, a bug in Interchange 5.7 limits exports to communities with less than 200 partners. This limitation is removed in Interchange 5.8.
  • A community profile does not include all necessary settings for message exchanges: Application pickup exchanges, message handler rules/actions, users and roles are not part of a community-type backup. Default collaboration settings are exempt as well, but community and partner specific settings are part of a community. You must manually configure the settings that are not part of a community on the new system.
  • A large number of delivery exchanges and message handler actions may make this upgrade strategy unfeasible.
  • You can only use community profile exports for the same OS type (example: Windows-to-Windows). If you upgrade from a Windows to a Linux platform, the backup may fail.

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