Implement Sentinel with B2Bi

Sentinel is an optional product that provides tools for monitoring business and technical events that occur in your transfer environment. Sentinel provides end-to-end monitoring services beyond the functionality provided by B2Bi.

Sentinel monitoring agents are located on tracked applications and platforms. In the case of B2Bi, Sentinel monitoring agents reside natively on the trading engine and on the integration engine. If you extend your B2Bi environment to include Transfer CFT, a Sentinel monitoring agent also resides natively on each instance of this application. Sentinel monitoring agents generate Tracked-Event Messages that contain data about application and platform events. The agents then send the Tracked-Event Messages to the Sentinel Server environment.

In the Sentinel Server environment, Sentinel compares incoming Tracked-Event messages to a catalog of Tracked Objects. A Tracked Object is a model containing a set of attributes that describes an application event. Each incoming Tracked-Event Message contains a name field that indicates the name of the Tracked Object that is to be used with that message. Using the specified Tracked Object, Sentinel extracts the data from the fields of the Tracked-Event Message, and writes the data to a specific table in the Tracking Database.

B2Bi provides the Tracked Objects that enable Sentinel to record the data sent by its native Sentinel monitoring agents.

Once the event data is stored in the Sentinel database, you can use Sentinel Monitoring features to retrieve, organize and display the information:

  • Sentinel Requests are configurable database queries that enable you to generate graphs and tables of targeted information.
  • Sentinel Dashboards provide useful graphical displays of the information you have collected from your B2Bi environment.

For more information, see the Sentinel documentation and the B2Bi Administrator Guide.

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