What’s new for PassPort in B2Bi 2.3.1?

B2Bi has supported PassPort since version 1.5. B2Bi 2.3.1 has many changes and enhancements to PassPort integration, including the following:

  • CSD files for the trading engine and the integration engine have been updated to reflect new privileges.
  • B2Bi now defaults to the secure SSL port of PassPort (6453).
  • B2Bi now has a PassPort domain selection list on the login page.
  • Limitations have been removed for PassPort interoperability of FIPS and WebTrader.
  • Improvements have been made to the way Mapping Services deploys maps securely when PassPort is involved.
  • Credentials are now consistently and fully encrypted.
  • The B2Bi installer now supports the modification of PassPort access management settings in “configure” mode. No more manual editing of the database or configuration files is required.

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