Manage the PassPort shared secret

About the shared secret

One way that PassPort provides connection security with other B2Bi products is to use a shared secret. A shared secret is a piece of data, known only to the parties involved, in a secure communication.

Set up the shared secret


During PassPort installation, you define the shared secret required for connections to the PassPort instance.

B2Bi server

Then when you install the B2Bi server products, if you choose to use PassPort as your user access manager, you must provide the same shared secret in the installer interface.

Modify the shared secret

The shared secret must be identical in PassPort and in any product for which PassPort provides access management. Any modifications in one product must be checked and aligned in the others. The following procedures describe how to modify the shared secret in PassPort and in the B2Bi Server.

Modify in PassPort

  1. Start the PassPort installer in Configure mode.
  2. Update the shared secret for self-registration.
  3. Start PassPort, verifying the login (system user).
  4. Start B2Bi (integration engine and trading engine). At this point, self registration should fail due to failed authorization.
  5. Modify the shared secret in B2Bi so that they are the same as in PassPort. See the following procedure.
  6. Start PassPort, start B2Bi, and verify that startup works (self-registration succeeds, database tables are table updated, maps are deployed, and so on.)

Modify in the B2Bi Server

After B2Bi installation, to correct or modify the shared secret used by the B2Bi trading engine or integration engine:

  1. Start the B2Bi Server installer in Configure mode.
  2. On the Select components page, select all of the following components:
    • Integrator
    • Interchange
    • B2Bi
    • B2Bi server
  3. Note: In the Select components page, you must select all of the products in the preceding list or the configuration update will fail.
  4. Page through the installer pages, resetting the PassPort access management shared secret for both the trading engine (Interchange) and the integration engine (Integrator).
  5. Complete the configuration sequence.
  6. Restart B2Bi.

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