Start/stop script

The following information describes the use of the B2Bi start/stop script.

Before you start

Caution   Do not start B2Bi 2.3.1 until you haved installed the B2Bi Patch 1. This patch must be installed after the B2Bi 2.3.1 installation and before you start B2Bi 2.3.1.

Important: Ensure the database has correctly started before you start B2Bi. See Check database connections.

Did you install B2Bi as a Windows service?

During the B2Bi installation, if you selected the option to install the B2Bi as a Windows service, B2Bi servers start and stop automatically on machine startup and shutdown. If you need to start or stop B2Bi with the machine started, use the B2Bi script described in this chapter.

Windows option: Use the Start menu shortcut

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Axway Software > B2Bi Server.
  2. Right-click "Start (or Stop) B2Bi" and select Run as administrator.

About the start/stop script

B2Bi has a script for starting, stopping, and checking the status of the product.

The tool is located in the /B2Bi directory of the B2Bi installation. It is named:

  • UNIX/Linux – B2Bi
  • Windows – B2Bi.bat
Note   In a cluster you must run the stop script on all machines of the cluster to stop the product.

Use the script

From a command console, enter the command with the syntax described below.

To open a command console in Windows:

  1. In Windows explorer, navigate to the root directory of our B2Bi installation.
  2. Press Shift and right-click the root folder of your installation directory (for example C://Axway/B2Bi).
  3. From the context menu, select Open command window here.
  4. Enter the command with the following syntax:


B2Bi [command]

Possible commands:

  • start [-T] – Starts B2Bi.
    • Option [-T] starts B2Bi in the background. The default setting (running the command without the option) is "F" (false).
  • stop [-t] – stops B2Bi.
    • Option [-t] <timeout> enables you to set the maximum time to wait for integration engine user tasks to stop. The default timeout value is 120 seconds.
  • status – Displays whether B2Bi nodes are running or stopped.
  • help – Displays command usage information.



Start B2Bi

./B2Bi start

Start B2Bi in the background

./B2Bi start T

Stop B2Bi

./B2Bi stop

Stop B2Bi and allow 240 seconds for integration engine tasks to stop

./B2Bi stop -t 240

Get B2Bi node status

./B2Bi status

Display command info in the console

./B2Bi help


Start B2Bi

B2Bi start

Start B2Bi in the background

B2Bi start T

Stop B2Bi

B2Bi stop

Start B2Bi and allow 240 seconds for integration engine tasks to stop

B2Bi stop -t 240

Get B2Bi node status

B2Bi status

Display command info in the console

B2Bi help

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