Set the log file archiving schedule

During B2Bi installation, you select a directory to use for storing common B2Bi data. B2Bi uses this directory to save message-processing log files and message payloads. These directories are:

  • For log files – <B2Bi_common_directory>/data/logger/
  • For message payloads – <B2Bi_common_directory>/data/filer/

When B2Bi first starts, it logs processing-event data to an active log file named a0000000. Active logs have a size limit of 10 Mb. If a0000000 contains active file entries when it reaches its maximum size limit of 10 Mb, B2Bi creates another active log file named a0000001.

When all entries in a0000000 reach the “inactive” state, which means that the processing is complete, B2Bi renames the file i0000000.

In this manner, B2Bi logs continuously to active log file a000000x, and generates inactive logs in the pattern:







As inactive log files are generated, the log directory becomes larger and larger in size as each new active or inactive file is added. If B2Bi logged indefinitely with no control on log file life, the log directory would become very large and eventually case data storage issues.

The rate at which your log directory grows depends on the amount of file exchange activity and on the amount of data you elect to log on our exchanges.

By default, the archiver deletes inactive files. It behaves as a purging tool. You can use the log file archiving schedule page to control the volume of inactive log files that are saved in the B2Bi directories by setting the purge schedule. You may want to set or modify the archiving schedule if you find that your inactive log files are occupying too much disk space.

Tip   In environments that handle large volumes of data, it is highly recommended that you offset the archiver start times for each logger server in the B2Bi installation by two hours from each other. This enables better scaling and usage of system resources during archiving time processes.

The archiver behavior is controlled by a script. It is possible to modify this script to enable the saving of inactive log files for retrieval.

Limitation on archive directory paths

Currently B2Bi does not support the use of double slashes (// for Linux or \\ for Windows) in environment variable paths for the support of log archiving. Log archiving depends on the $CORE_DATA environment variable. If the value of this variable includes double slashes, an error message is generated to the trace log and log archives are not generated.

Set log file archiving

After you install B2Bi and the B2Bi client, you can use the System Profile Manager tool to set the logger archiving behavior and to test the logger script.

For details of how to use the System Profile Manager to manage logger archiving, see the B2Bi Operations Guide / System Profile Manager chapters.

For details of how to use the System Profile Manager to manage logger archiving, see Use System Profile Manager.

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