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B2Bi log files

The following log files are created on your hard drive during B2Bi installation:

Integration engine log files:

Log file... Contains logged information about…
CORE_ROOT\data\log\system.err Significant system errors
CORE_ROOT\data\log\starter.log Broadcast Agent Task and system starter
CORE_ROOT\data\log\broadcast.log DML map deployment



Integrator general operations
CORE_ROOT\data\log\agent.log Functional operations of the Broadcast Agent
CORE_ROOT\data\log\mapping.log DML Maps
CORE_ROOT\local\config\runtime\mappingcomponent\running\ generated\dml.log DML processing
CORE_ROOT\local\config\runtime\mappingcomponent\running\ generated\compile.log DML compilation

Trading engine log files:

Log type Log file... Contains logged information about…
Event logs hostname_te_events.log User-initiated configuration events for a machine in a cluster. This log records events for the trading engine.
System logs hostname.ex.log Created by the system Executive, which is the first JVM to come up and is responsible for bootstrapping all other JVMs. Created by the Control Node on the host it is named for. Each host in a cluster gets a single Control Node. This JVM runs the user interface.
hostname_te.log Processing activity for each JVM processing node for the trading engine.
XXXX_stats.log Java Management Extensions (JMX) monitoring and statistics. There can be many of these files, depending on how many processing nodes are active.

Manage log files

To change the logging level, edit the file log4j2.xml. You can find this file at <B2Bi_install_directory>\Interchange\conf.

After you edit this file you may need to restart the trading engine.


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