Update SAP JCO libraries

B2Bi client

After you install a B2Bi client environment, to enable Mapping Services to connect to an SAP instance, complete the follow the steps:

  1. Obtain the latest version of the SAP jco libraries from SAP.
  2. Copy sapidoc3.jar and sapjco3.jar to <Mapping_Services_install_directory>\plugins\com.axway.ms.dml.sap.bundle_X.X.X.vXXXXXXXX-XXXX\lib\.
  3. Copy msvcr80.dll and sapjco3.dll to one of the following directories:
    • <Mapping_Services_install_directory>
    • <Mapping_Services_install_directory>\plugins\com.axway.ms.dml.sap.bundle_X.X.X.vXXXXXXXX-XXXX)
  4. Restart Mapping Services.

B2Bi Server

After you install the B2Bi Server, if you intend to configure the ALE connector, it is recommended that you update the SAP JCO libraries to version 3.0.9.

If you selected the installer option to copy libraries from your SAP installation directory, your libraries should be up to date. You should check the library versions in your B2Bi installation.

These are the SAP libraries that we recommend in order to operate the ALE connector:

Library name Library type Located in:
sapjco3.jar Connector ${CORE_ROOT}/java/lib/ext
sapidoc3.jar Additional ${CORE_ROOT}/java/lib/ext

libsapjco3.so (Linux)

librfc32.dll (Win)

Shared ${CORE_ROOT}/load

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