Activate WebSphere MQ (MQ Series)

Use the following procedure only if you have installed B2Bi Server prior to installing WebSphere MQ.

  1. Stop B2Bi.
  2. See Start/stop script.
  3. Change the PATH variable that points to the IBM WebSphere MQ installation from CORE_LOCAL/config/environment.dat to CORE_ROOT/config/environment.dat.
  4. Run the B2Bi installer in "configure" mode.
  5. See Server installer configure mode.
  6. In configure mode:
    1. Make sure that Configure is selected for B2Bi Server.
    2. Page through the configuration without making any modifications.
    3. On the Ready to configure page, click Configure.
  7. When the configure is complete, start B2Bi.
  8. See Start/stop script.

When you log in to the B2Bi user interface, the MQ connector will now appear in the list of Application Transports available for configuration.

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