Troubleshoot Universal Naming Conventions

When installing on Windows, if you specified a drive letter for the shared common directory path rather than a Universal Naming Convention (UNC), you must correct the path format. Do one of the following:

  • Delete the installed application files and re-install. This time specify a UNC when prompted to enter a common directory. This is the recommended method.
  • Edit the properties files and make changes in the user interface to use a UNC as the shared common directory. The following describes what to do.
Note   The UNCs in the following instructions are examples.

To edit the properties files:

  1. Use the correct UNC for your environment.
  2. Edit the file.
  3. Open the file in <B2Bi_install_directory>\interchange\conf directory. Change the path for the keystore and crls directories to include the network name of these shared directories.
  4. For example, change the paths as indicated below. There are four backslashes preceding the computer name. Although you can locate shared directories outside of the application installation directory tree, these are exceptions. We recommend locating the keystore and crls directories within the application common directory, as shown here:

To change the processing nodes:

  1. Edit the filereg.xml file.
  2. Open the filereg.xml file for editing in <Interchange_install_directory>\conf directory.
  3. Search for the common path element. It should be similar to:
  4. <File name="commonPath" path="C:\\<B2Bi_shared_directory>\common"/>
  5. Change the value to the UNC. For example:
  6. <File name="commonPath" path="\\\\<B2Bi_shared_directory>\\common"/>
  7. Change the backup directory path.
  8. If you started the server before editing the filereg.xml file:
    • In the user interface, click Trading configuration > Manage trading configuration on the toolbar and then click the Configure the global backup settings. This directory is where backup copies of traded documents are stored, and it must be shared. By default the directory is at the following location: <B2Bi_shared>\common\data\backup.
    • If you plan on storing backup files in this directory, you can change the path to:
    • \\\<B2Bi_shared_directory>\common\data\backup
    • You do not have to store backup files in a subdirectory of the application’s common directory. You can use another directory on your file system, however, this directory must be shared, and the path must be referenced using the network name.

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