Windows B2Bi Farm Server installation

For Windows installations of the B2Bi Farm Server, you can run the B2Bi installer using either a graphic user interface or a command console interface. Each interface presents the same installation options.

Console mode

The following describes how to WindowsB2Bi Farm Server installation in Console mode:

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu and type cmd.
  2. Right-click cmd.exe (displays under "Programs" at the top of the screen) and select Run as administrator. The DOS window is displayed.
  3. Navigate to the directory where the B2Bi installer file is downloaded.
  4. Launch the installer for the Server:
    start /wait b2bi-installer-server-<platform><version><build>-farmserver.exe -c

Installer console mode initialization

In the initialization phase of B2Bi installation you must:

  • Accept the Axway license agreement
  • Select the type of installation infrastructure you require (single host or multi-host)
  • Specify the installation directory
  1. Navigate to the directory where the B2Bi Farm Server installer file is downloaded:
  2. b2bi-installer-server-win-64-2.3.1-<build_number>-farmserver.exe
  3. Right-click on the file.
  4. Select Run as administrator.

The installer program opens the graphical interface. Complete the requested information.

Page Description
Welcome Welcome message.
License agreement Accept the terms to continue.
Select Destination Directory

Accept the default directory or specify a preferred installation location:

Installation directory (Windows example): C:\Axway\ (default)

Shared Directory Location

Enter the location of the shared directory to store documents and other files. The directory must be available to all of the cluster machines.

If you are installing on Windows, specify a common directory path in the Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) format. This is a name that uses the fully-qualified domain name of the computer rather than a drive letter as part of the path.

See Troubleshoot Universal Naming Conventions.

Port Range Allocation

Accept the default range, or specify a range of ports in which the installer must allocate the required B2Bi ports. A minimum of 371 ports must be available in the specified range.

  • minimum value (default = 8832) – The minimum allowed value is 1024.
  • maximum value (default = 10000) – The maximum allowed value is 65535.

The installer uses this port range to allocate the B2Bi ports. If there are an insufficient number of ports available in the specified range, you will be prompted to increase the range.

After installation, you can modify the minimum and maximum values for the port range by running the installer in "configure" mode.

The port allocations that are made by the installer are written to the file:


After installation you can modify port allocations in this file. See Manage server ports.

Service Attributes

For Windows installations only, enter values for:

  • Service Parameters
    • Service Name – Enter a service name, or accept the default.
    • Service Display Name – Accept the default or enter the name of the service as you want it to display in the Windows service screen.
  • User authentication
    • Username – Accept the default.
    • Domain – Accept the default.
    • Password – Enter the password for the Window user account.
    • This is the password for the Windows user under which you are installing Integrator. This password enables the installer to create services in Windows. This is not the password for the Integrator user.
Farm Server host and port
  • Farm server host – The name of the machine where the farm server is installed.
  • Farm server port – The access port for the farm server.

Note this information. It is required to configure the connection of each B2Bi client farm cluster.

Complete the installation process

Click Next to launch the installation. This may take several minutes. When the installation is complete a summary page displays information about the installation, including any installation errors.

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