Install the B2Bi Server

This following information describes how to install the B2Bi Server.

Before you start

  • Review the interface options, see B2Bi installer interface options.
  • Have the following items:
    • B2Bi installer file
    • B2Bi license
    • The database name and database user/password to complete the installation
  • Select one of the following installation options:
  • Start the database before you launch the installer.
  • If you are upgrading from an Interchange 5.10.1 (or later) installation, you can use the B2Bi 2.3.1 installer to execute your upgrade. For details of upgrades from Interchange to B2Bi, see the B2Bi Interchange Upgrade Guide.

After you install a B2Bi Server environment, you can modify many parameters of the installation by running the installer in configure mode.

A B2Bi installation requires the manual input of many configuration details, including details of data base access, B2Bi shared location, and so on. To ease the task of installation, once you have installed an instance of B2Bi, you can use the silent mode installation method to install additional instances.

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