The B2Bi installation is accomplished through a set of installers.

Installer Contents

B2Bi Server

B2Bi Server

B2Bi Client
  • Mapping Services
  • Integration Services
  • B2Bi Integration Engine Client tools
  • Standards Libraries
B2Bi Farm Server

B2Bi Farm Server

You can use B2Bi installers for:

  • New installations – Install instances of the B2Bi Server or Client on one or more new hosts without any Axway product previously installed.
  • Cluster farm installations - Install multiple B2Bi cluster nodes and link their operations through a farm server.
  • Upgrades – Upgrade from a previous version of B2Bi or Interchange to version B2Bi 2.3.1. This implies that the previous versions of the Axway products have already been installed.

Patches and service packs for all B2Bi products are available from

Installer configure mode

After you use any of the B2Bi installers to install a part of the product, you can modify many parameters of the installation by running the installers in configure mode.

Each of the following installers include a configure mode option:

Supported platforms

Refer to B2Bi prerequisites.

Product versions

The B2Bi 2.3.1 installers enable you to install the following B2Bi products:

Server installer

Axway product Version
B2Bi Server


Client installer

Axway product Version
Mapping Services


B2B Standards Libraries

  • Core EDI
  • Extended B2B
  • Financial


  • 1.5.0
  • 1.4.0
  • 3.3.0

Farm Server installer

Axway product Version
B2Bi Farm Server


Installation tasks

To install B2Bi:

  1. Review the installation prerequisites. See B2Bi prerequisites.
  2. Chose between the graphic and command line installer display. See B2Bi installer interface options.
Note   For UNIX/Linux installations, only command line mode is supported.
  1. Run the installers:

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