Installer console interface

This is the default mode for UNIX/Linux installations where X-Windows is disabled. In this mode, you configure the B2Bi installation through series of console screens. The installation sequence and configuration options are identical in the graphical and console interfaces. Only the on-screen presentation changes.

Before you install

  • Review the B2Bi prerequisites.
  • Download the appropriate installer for your platform.
  • Make sure you have the necessary licenses.
  • Start the database before running the B2Bi Server installer.


Start the installer in console mode

  • For UNIX and Linux environments:
  • Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the B2Bi installer file and launch the installer (server example):
  • b2bi-installer-server-<platform><version><build> -c
  • For Windows environments:
    1. Go to the Windows Start menu and type cmd.
    2. Right-click cmd.exe (displays under "Programs" at the top of the screen) and select Run as administrator. The DOS window is displayed.
    3. Navigate to the directory where the B2Bi installer file is downloaded.
    4. Launch the installer (server example):
      start /wait b2bi-installer-server-<platform><version><build>-server.exe -c

Installer console mode initialization

In the initialization phase of B2Bi installation you must:

  • Accept the Axway license agreement
  • Select the type of installation infrastructure you require (single host or multi-host)
  • Specify the installation directory

After you have completed this information, continue with the selection and configuration of products.

Product selection and configuration

The installer presents you with a series of screens to select and configure B2Bi products. The exact sequence and content of screens varies depending on your product licenses and the installation mode you select to use.

For details about the configuration of each product, see the descriptions of the graphical installation interface screens:

Complete the installation process

After you have selected and configured the products for installation, the installer presents you with an installation summary and prompts you to launch the installation process. When the process has been successfully completed, the installer displays an "Installation successful" message and a summary of completed installation tasks. You can quit the installer or add any updates.

Tip   To reconfigure, add products, remove products, or update your installation run the installer again in the appropriate mode.

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