Install the Client

The following information describes how to install the B2Bi Client environment with the graphic user interface.

Before you start

  • You can only install the B2Bi Client on 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.
    IMPORTANT: Do not install the B2Bi Client on the same host as the Server.
  • Review the insterface options, see B2Bi installer interface options.
Note   After you install a B2Bi Client environment, you can modify some of parameters of the installation by running the installer in configure mode.

B2Bi Client installation

Start the installation

  1. Download the B2Bi 2.3.1 Client installer file:
  2. b2bi-installer-client-win-x86-64-2.3.1-<build_number>-client.exe.
  3. Right-click on the installer file.
  4. Select Run as administrator.

The installer program opens the graphical installation interface.

The installer displays the following sequence of pages:

Installer page Description
Welcome Welcome message.
Installation agreement Accept the terms to continue.
Select Destination Directory Accept the default directory, or use the Browse tool to select a preferred installation location.
Select components

Select the components to install:

  • B2Bi Client
  • Mapping Services (selected by default, cannot be deselected)
  • Core EDI Standards Library
  • Extended B2B Standards Library
  • Financial Standards Library

For a list of Standards Library contents, see the B2Bi Support Reference Guide.

B2Bi tools client configuration

Enter path to workspace – Enter the path to the Integration Services tool workspace.

B2Bi server host – Enter the default B2Bi Server host to be managed by the System Manager tools you are currently installing. (You can target additional B2Bi Servers from the client interface after installation).

System manager port – Enter the port number the System Manager uses to connect to the default B2Bi Server. The System Manager connects on the B2Bi Integrator System Manager port. By default this port is 8837, however you may have altered port numbering during B2Bi Server installation.

Check the file <B2Bi_shared_directory>/file/data/system/<host_name>/portinfo.cfg for the port number that is attributed to the Integrator System Manager (Integratorsysman).

Select Start Menu Folder For Windows installations only, select the Start Menu folder in which you would like to create shortcuts. The default folder is Axway Software.

Complete the installation process

Click Next to launch the installation. The installation may require several minutes. When the installation is complete a summary page displays information about the installation, including any installation errors.

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