Configure databases

The following information describes how to the configure databases for use with the B2Bi Server.

You must install, configure, and start a compatible database before you run the B2Bi Server installer.

For a list of B2Bi supported databases, see Platforms

Enable case sensitivity

Note   Case sensitivity does not apply to Windows.

To run B2Bi on a computer with a UNIX or Linux operating system you must enable case sensitivity for the database. This applies to recognizing case sensitivity of data; it does not apply to the case of database table or column names. You must enable case sensitivity when the database is created and not at a later time.

Tip   Your database may enable case sensitivity of data by default. Refer to your database user documentation.

When case sensitivity of data is enabled, it ensures that names of message files (that are identical except for case) are recognized as unique files and not as duplicates. As UNIX and Linux observe case sensitivity, it is best for the database to follow suit.

Cluster shared database

If you deploy B2Bi in a cluster of multiple computers, all instances of the trading engine use the same B2Bi database.

The B2Bi database driver and connection information is stored in datastoreconfig.xml. By default, this file is located at <B2Bi_install_directory>\Interchange\conf\.

Modify database connection parameters

To modify database connection parameters, run the B2Bi Server installer in "configure" mode. The modifications you make in the installer are written to datastoreconfig.xml.

You can make additional modifications to database behavior by directly editing datastoreconfig.xml.

Password changes

The B2Bi database password is encrypted in datastoreconfig.xml; therefore, you must use the installer in "configure" mode to change the password. You cannot manually edit datastoreconfig.xml to change the password. See Server installer configure mode.

Database set up procedures

For specific database configuration information, see the following topics:

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