Install Unix B2Bi service packs and patches

Run the B2Bi Update application to install Unix B2Bi patches and service packs.


Install an update pack in Unix Console Mode

To install patches and service packs, run the B2Bi update application.

Unix console mode

  1. Stop all B2Bi component servers. Do not stop the database.
  2. See Stop servers individually.
  3. Navigate to the B2Bi installation directory.
  4. Run the updater application (use -c argument to force console mode if needed):
    • ./
  5. You are prompted to select one of the following options:
  6. Manage updates

    Select option:

    Add update [a, Enter], Remove update [r], List installed updates [l], Exit [e]


  7. To install a patch or service pack, select option [a] or press Enter.
  8. You are prompted to choose an update option. You can indicate the name and path to update file on your machine or indicate the directory in which the update file is located.
  9. Select option:

    Previous screen [p], Add file [a, Enter], Add directory [d], Exit [e]


  10. Enter the preferred option and press Enter.
  11. Type the location information for the patch or service pack you want to apply, and press Enter.
  12. The selected update should display in the tree and prefixed with[Added]. To remove the update from the tree select [r]. Then select the number of update to be removed. Press Enter.
  13. Confirm that all product services are stopped, enter y, and press Enter.
  14. The patch or service pack is installed and the details of the upgrade are displayed.

Unix unattended mode

  1. Stop all B2Bi component servers. Do not stop the database.
    See Stop servers individually.
  2. Navigate to the B2Bi installation directory.
  3. Run the updater application with the following syntax:
    ./ -i <Full path to update file>
  4. The installation of the update completes without further actions.


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