Client installer configure mode

After you install a B2Bi Client environment, you can modify some of parameters of the installation by running the installer in configure mode.

When you run the installer in configure mode you have access to the original installation pages as well as to additional pages that you can use to fine-tune the B2Bi performance and behavior.

Start the installer in configure mode

  1. In Windows Explorer, go to the root of the B2Bi Client installation directory and right-click ConfigureB2Bi.exe.
  2. Select Run as administrator.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Axway Software > B2Bi Client.
  2. Right-click Configure B2Bi Client and select Run as administrator.


After you start the installer in configure mode, you use it much as you do in installation mode.

You can work in either in a console display or a graphic interface display (Windows only) to view your current installation settings and modify fields to meet your operating requirements.

View and modify parameters

You can configure the following B2Bi Client parameters in configure mode:

  • Path to workspace – Enter the path to the directory you want to use to store the Integration Services data you create in the client environment. You can use the Browse tool to navigate to and select a directory. This workspace is independent of the product binaries and is preserved when you uninstall the product.
  • B2Bi Server host – Principal B2Bi Server to be managed by the client.
  • System manager port – Access port on the main server host for the System Profile Manager tool.

Apply the configuration

When you are satisfied with the configuration settings, click Next to apply changes and update the configuration.

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