View cluster node status

B2Bi users with the appropriate privileges can monitor cluster nodes from the B2Bi user interface.

To monitor nodes:

  1. Open a session in the B2Bi user interface.
  2. Click System management on the toolbar to open the System management page.
  3. Make sure that the Processing nodes tab is selected.
  4. The interface displays a view of all of the nodes that are currently running in your B2Bi environment.
  5. For each cluster node you can view the engines that are running, as in the following example:
  6. Processing nodes tab with view of node status
  7. On each cluster node you must have the following processing nodes running:
    • B2Bi
    • Trading engine
    • Integration engine
  8. An entry for each individual engine on each node shows the current status (running / stopped / starting) of the engine.
  9. For additional details about the integration engine sub-server task status, click Integrator tasks on the Integration engine entry.

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