Install cluster nodes

This topic provides procedures for installing B2Bi cluster nodes.


  • A shared database is installed on your network.
  • A shared file system is available on your network.
  • A load balancer is available for the B2Bi user interface and for the integration engine client user interface.

Domain requirement

When creating a cluster environment, you must install B2Bi on computers that belong to the same domain. You must install on both nodes using a domain user.

Set up an Active / Active cluster

To set up a B2Bi cluster, you complete the following tasks:

  1. Set up node 1
  2. To set up a cluster, you begin by installing the primary cluster node using the B2Bi server installer. When the installer prompts you for the B2Bi database and the shared file system, you must specify connections to database and file system that are located on an external host.
  3. The first node you install is automatically identified as the senior control node of the cluster.
  4. Set up node 2
  5. Next install the secondary cluster. You use the same values for the external B2Bi database connection properties and the shared file system.
  6. Start all servers.

Confirm the installation

  1. Open an administration session in the B2Bi user interface.
  2. In the UI, you can view the status of the nodes you installed. You should see two complete sets of trading engine and integration processing nodes, all with the status "Running".
  3. Open the integration engine Task Monitor.
  4. You can view the status of B2Bi logger, time and table singleton tasks for each node. These tasks have the status Started on the integration engine active node, and Stopped on the integration engine failover node.
  5. You can see the status of all integration engine user and system tasks on all nodes in the cluster.

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