Deploy objects and configurations to clusters

When operating in a cluster, all nodes must share the same information and configuration.

The B2Bi can be described as comprising the following configuration layers:

  • System Layer
  • Partner Layer
  • Flow Layer (processing flow)
  • Resource Layer (modular resource code and binaries used in specific processing flows)

Conceptual arrangement of configuration layers in a B2Bi system.

The information for the bottom three layers in the preceding figure is stored in the B2Bi shared database. This information is used by all nodes.

The Resources Layer presents a special case.

About resources

In order to control the way B2Bi handles the messages and files that transit in its servers, it uses resources. Resources are small installable programs that extend the standard set of message-handling processes provided by B2Bi.

A resource might enable B2Bi to converse with a specific type of remote application, or it might modify the structure of a transiting file, or retrieve a specific data element from a database. The functional possibilities of components are virtually limitless.

In B2Bi there are two main categories of resources:

  • DML maps
  • DML (Data Manipulation Language) is an Axway-proprietary programming language.
  • Other components
  • In the trading engine:
    • Inline processors (Custom Java code to influence the behavior of the trading engine)
  • In the integration engine:
    • Datamapper Maps
    • Message Builder Components (MBCs)

Resource deployment to clusters

DML map deployment

You manage maps and mapping flows in the Mapping Services environment. When you deploy these resources from Mapping Services to the B2Bi run-time system, the deployment to the nodes is handled automatically and transparently.

Other resource deployment

To deploy other resource types, you place them in a dedicated shared location.

The following table describes the correct placement:

Resource type Deployment location
Inline processors %B2BI_SHARED%\ (1)
Datamapper Maps %B2BI_SHARED%\local\4edi\component
MBC %B2BI_SHARED%\local\4edi\component

1 Requires additional changes to be used from the shared location (class path / file registry).

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