Database requirements for B2Bi clusters

To implement an B2Bi, a production-grade database is required, such as DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server.

For a complete list of B2Bi supported databases, see the B2Bi Installation Guide or the latest version of the B2Bi Release Notes.

For a complete list of B2Bi supported databases, see Configure databases.

In the B2Bi environment the connection to databases is accomplished through JDBC.

Read-committed mode

The database must run in read-committed transaction isolation mode. This is recommended whether you are installing for the first time or upgrading. Read-committed transaction isolation mode is the default mode for Oracle, SQL Server and DB2, but not MySQL. If you use MySQL, you must change to read-committed transaction isolation mode after the installation and before you start the server for the first time.

Enable case sensitivity for UNIX/Linux

To run B2Bi on a computer with a UNIX or Linux operating system, you must enable case sensitivity for the database. This applies to recognizing case sensitivity of data. It does not apply to the case of database table or column names.

Your database may enable case sensitivity of data by default. Check the database user documentation to be certain. Case sensitivity must be enabled when the database is created and not at a later time.

Enabling case sensitivity of data ensures that names of message files that are identical except for case are recognized as unique files and not as duplicates. As UNIX and Linux observe case sensitivity, it is best for the database to do the same.

This requirement does not apply if you run B2Bi on Windows. Windows does not observe case sensitivity; therefore, the case sensitivity setting for the database is not relevant.

No firewall between servers and database

We recommend against configuring a firewall between B2Bi servers and the database. If you plan to run the trading engine (Interchange) and the database on separate machines, we recommend that you test for whether a firewall exists between the two systems. A firewall between the two can cause severe operational issues.

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