Recommended additional products

A B2Bi implementation is based on a flexible product architecture. Your choice of which additional Axway products to deploy with B2Bi depends on the array of services that you require to satisfy your business requirements. Your product deployment can change as your business needs evolve.

For all B2Bi installations, we highly recommend the following Axway products.


PassPort provides identity and access management services for Axway products.

PassPort comprises a server, a dedicated database, and an API through which the server enforces controls of user access to Axway products.

PassPort works in the background to continuously authenticate user access to multiple product interfaces. PassPort administrative users manage all user roles and privileges.

PassPort administrative users can perform all aspects of user management in the PassPort browser-based user interface. Optionally, administrative users can manage users externally, using, for example, a corporate LDAP or ActiveDirectory.

For information on how to install and configure PassPort with B2Bi, see the B2Bi Installation and Prerequisites Guide.


Sentinel provides end-to-end monitoring of business, system and technical events. Sentinel comprises:

  • A set of tools that enable you to view and react to events that occur in your network.
  • A sophisticated set of graphics display tools (dashboards) that you can use to generate personalized business and technical views of your principal processes. You can adapt and target these displays to specific groups of end users, to make daily monitoring tasks more productive and efficient
  • Tools for creating pre-programmed automatic responses to specified network conditions. Using these tools, you can configure Sentinel to act immediately to handle exceptional and abnormal network events and statuses.

Sentinel provides various levels of monitoring:

  • Message-processing related information
  • System status information
  • Business-level visibility

For information on how to install and configure Sentinel with B2Bi, see the B2Bi Installation and Prerequisites Guide.

Other product extensions

B2Bi interoperates with the following additional Axway products:

  • Activator
  • API Server
  • Secure Client
  • SecureTransport and SecureTransport Edge
  • Transfer CFT
  • TrustedFile
  • WebEDI Portal

For a descriptions all Axway products, visit the Axway website:

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