Back up and restore a custom configuration

If your implementation includes custom configuration, you can use the externalConfigBackupRestore.cmd tool to back up and restore these customizations. The tool and the customizable externalConfigBackupRestore.xml file are located in the following directory:


The following table shows the types of customizations this tool can back up and restore, and where they are typically located.

Note   This tool is not limited to these directories and customization types.
Custom component Location
Property files and XML files <B2Bi_Install_Dir>\Interchange\conf
Inline processor (from one of the nodes) <B2Bi_Install_Dir>\Interchange\site\jars
Java messaging component (JMC) %B2BI_SHARED%\local\java\component
Message Builder component (MBC) %B2BI_SHARED%\local\4edi\component


  1. Customize the externalConfigBackupRestore.xml file to include the appropriate paths to the custom components.
  2. Run the externalConfigBackupRestore.cmd tool.
  3. The tool provides information on the available commands.

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